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We educate and empower up and coming leaders and top organizations to innovate with intention and inclusivity for the greater good. Together, we create diverse and authentic programs and communities to help all women accelerate their careers in technology and business.





Fortune 500 CEOs are women

The number of female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies reached an all-time high of 6.4% in 2017 with 32 women heading major firms. That fell to 4.8% in 2018 after several high-profile women left their posts.



fortune 500 board members are women

The share of women sitting on the boards of Fortune 500 companies has more than doubled, from 9.6% in 1995 to 22.2% in 2017. We can, and need, to do better.



women in Stem have experienced discrimination

Women working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) roles are more likely than men to have experienced workplace discrimination due to their gender.




pro·gress | \ prə-ˈgres  \

1: to move forward PROCEED

2: to develop to a higher, better, or more advanced stage

At Spark Labs, we care deeply about diversity, inclusion, and fixing the ratio of women in leadership globally. We believe that the more diverse teams and leaders are, the better the output and results will be for businesses globally.

To support this, we offer consulting and executive coaching focusing on women in technology and business. We also create personalized programs, professional communities, and corporate partnerships that realize the full potential of all people, organizations, leaders, and teams. We are a results-driven company, specializing in innovative and authentic work to help women (+ those that identify as women or wish to) reach and exceed their goals faster with strong mentorship, sponsorship, education, and community support.

With a focus on the ability to bring your “whole and authentic self” to both work and life, we bring to the table what you, your leaders, and your company need - an honest perspective, business and technology market know-how, personalized services for teams and individuals, and trusted resources.





Our Offerings are tailored to get you where you want to go

  • Executive Coaching: We provide programs and leadership coaching to up and coming leaders and executives that want to accelerate the pace of their career. Utilizing 20 years of experience creating and leading global businesses and divisions at Fortune 100 companies, we bring new coaching frameworks to our clients to advance careers exponentially, improve the quality of leadership and teamwork, and increase visibility and spheres of influence across global business markets.

  • Consulting & Programs: We work with leadership teams and executives to create innovative programs for companies looking to retain women in technology roles and increase and improve engagement on teams, in divisions and organizations, and at companies as a whole. We deliver these strategies by building the best practices we develop into culture, enabling long-term success and employee retention.

  • The Progress Series: This is a set of ongoing online six week programs targeted at accelerating leadership development and professional growth. Delivered in person 1:1 or via video with reading and engaging assignments (no busy-work), this program is tailored to help you build the career you want. As you start to think through the next steps of your job, career, personal and life decisions and more, what’s your mission statement? Are you achieving your goals at the speed you need, and what’s your path for success, as you want to define it? It’s about thriving in life a new way - and accelerating your career with new capabilities while you’re at it.

  • Progress: A Spark Labs Community: We offer membership to a thriving women in technology and business community with the mission of empowering all women (+those that identify or wish to identify as women) by exceptional training, sponsorship, mentorship, advisors, and guidance to increase the number of women moving up the corporate ladder. Currently in early beta, you can apply here for membership: apply today.

  • 1:1 Online Coaching Sessions: Coaching and mentoring sessions are available independently or via package deals (please inquire directly); topics can range from new leader and management skills to executive communication, presentation coaching, general mentoring, job seeking and resume advice, salary negotiation, conflict resolution advisory and more.

    Have a few questions or want to learn more? Email us direct team@sparklabsco.com for further information.



Why should I get a leadership coach?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to effectively lead successful teams and organizations in today’s changing business environments. Managers and leaders are being asked to deliver more with less and adapt to changing environments and technologies. The face, and pace, of business is changing rapidly and to keep up with this, may leaders are choosing to hire coaches to help them balance out life, achieve challenging goals, build more effective teams, and gain greater satisfaction in work and in life.


build your mission & goals

What’s the mission statement for your life? Do you have goals you want to achieve or life changes you may be thinking about? This is your opportunity to create a new reality and the ability to build a mission that fits your purpose in life. We work with you to map out long-term goals and ensure you are on the path you need to be - without being overwhelmed.

Increase productivity & performance

To get ahead in today’s environments, you need to deliver on increasing value for your organization. This is rewarded if productivity and performance are increased. We work with you to align goals and objectives to concrete deliverables and outcomes, and use SMART goals to ensure you are delivering on results.

Confidence & Communication

Confidence and communication are learned skills that can be fine tuned as you reach the executive ranks. Confidence says that you’re ready for leadership and willing. Your ability to communicate this, and with others, will take you further in your career - and in life. We work with you to build out both of these, and use both strategic and practical ways to implement this.

a community of support

A strong set of communities and networks are critical for women to be successful, whether it be in business or in life. We offer an online and private community packed with learning materials, potential mentors, educational courses and more to enable you to reach your goals - all while you benefit from our coaching services.






Lauren Cooney, Founder & CEO

Lauren’s career has been founded upon grit, determination and relentless support and enablement of her teams, companies and customers. She currently mentors, advises, and sponsors both men and women in the technology and larger business industry, and she herself utilizes mentors and sponsors to further her own career.

With 20 years of demonstrated leadership and executive experience in venture capital, non-profit, and Fortune 500 companies, she is often tapped to build and lead inclusive direct and cross-organizational teams to create or revamp products, programs, strategy, and marketing. Known for building communities around developer programs, open source, women in technology, mentorship and leadership programs, her expertise in business, technology, and community has been recognized by The Huffington Post, Business Insider, CIO Magazine, Light Reading, and other publications. Her experience building sustainable and successful programs and communities stems from experience in leadership and executive roles at BEA Systems (now Oracle), IBM, Microsoft, Juniper Networks, Cisco Systems and Equinix.

Lauren lives in Marin, California with her boyfriend Cooper, dog, Milo, and two cats - all who you can often see featured on her Instagram feed. You can reach out to her via LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter, or email her directly.




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