Meet Progress

Progress: A Spark Labs’ Community is built by women and for all women (inclusive of anyone who identifies or wishes to identify as a woman). We are a diverse, supportive, and safe network to help women learn and accelerate their technical and business careers.


Meet Progress: A Spark Labs’ Community

Progress: A Spark Labs’ Community, is a cultivated community with the mission of empowering all women (and those that identify as women) in business by exceptional training, sponsorship, mentorship, advisors, and guidance to increase the number of women moving up the corporate ladder.

The Progress community is built upon the foundation of women supporting women.

By connecting women with networking opportunities (both online and in-person), training and education, sponsorship and mentorship, and having transparent, diverse and authentic conversations in a safe community, all women benefit by rapid personal and career growth, networking and faster advancement to the C-Suite.

For early access, Please fill out the form below.

Doors open Fall 2019; pricing per year will be announced shortly.

We are working to make this as affordable as possible. If you work at a company that gives you educational benefits or tuition reimbursement, you may be able to use that to cover your fees.

If you need assistance, we do have some financial resources we can help with. Please flag this below in the “Extra” section and we’ll do what we can to help.