We are a sTRATEGIC consulting firm focused on helping businesses do AMAZING things.

Spark Labs was founded to address the market where ideas and innovation hit the road. We saw that companies often ideate and innovate, but at times this process hits speed bumps when innovation has to be turned into a product, a business, a service or taken to market at rapid pace to beat the competition. At Spark Labs we focus on not only ideating with teams but getting over those innovation hurdles to enable successful business outcomes. We're your innovation SWAT team, and we're at your service. 

Our Values, Our Culture:

  • We love working with amazing and diverse people - those who dream, imagine and innovate - and those who get the job done.

  • We thrive in fast-paced environments and enjoy working with companies and organizations, both large and small, to help them achieve great things. 

  • We value integrity in business and the highest quality of work for our clients.

  • We engage with only handful of clients at a time to ensure we can deliver on our values and our clients' needs.

We collectively have over 20 years of experience working with companies large and small, from venture capital and start-ups to large corporate organizations. Our team is small and hardworking, with backgrounds in marketing, product management, developer relations, software and corporate strategy and more. We've built successful products and developer communities, started new open source organizations, built billion dollar businesses, done due diligence on multiple acquisitions and much more across BEA Systems (now Oracle), IBM, Microsoft, Juniper Networks, Cisco Systems and Equinix. References? Just ask. We've got 'em. 



Founder & CEO

Lauren has over 20 years of experience working at companies both large and small in both San Francisco, California and Seattle, Washington. She founded Spark Labs with the idea that businesses that need change the most are also the ones that need advanced business and development models to drive it. She has successfully implemented Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and the Business Model Canvas at several companies and believes that the "Lean" model is the way forward for all businesses. More on her LinkedIn.


Our Mascots

Milo & Zoe are our beloved Spark Labs' team mascots. They frequent our office daily and provide fun and inspiration to all who encounter them. They are rescue pups which is why a percentage of our earnings are donated yearly to the SPCA and The Milo Foundation.